Who We Are ?


“The source of better ideas is wisdom. The surest path to wisdom is a liberal education.” 

 In concert with this Griswoldian inspiration,  G. D. Goenka Public School, Gorakhpur (GDGPS, GKP) entered the corridors of the education ecosystem in 2015 under the aegis of G. D. Goenka Group, New Delhi to provide the experience of a Life School to learners across cultures and political borders. Set against the backdrop of the challenging macro as well as micro approaches  to the twenty-first century,  the institution envisages curricular infusion covering sundry disciplines for tomorrow’s flag bearers to conceive innovations that are  satisfactorily appraisable by robust moral compasses,   thereby giving life to creatively collaborative individual and community well being.

Run by Kumari Durga  Memorial  Sansthan,  GDGPS, GKP  is committed to shepherding academic, cultural and sporting excellence through several subjects and skills. Appositely, culture is fostered both to sustain as well as contribute to Indian and global heritage. Cricket, Basketball, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Athletics and Swimming are a part of the curriculum of students. In point of fact, sports constitute a major part of the school day for students with successes enjoyed locally and nationally till so far and very soon internationally too. With the outstanding facilities at GDGPS, GKP, children enjoy full use of design center, music studios, dance ateliers, state-of-the-art ICT suites equipped to keep pace with emerging times and technologies. The excursions and the annual residential adventure episodes are also a way to help transform the subject knowledge to practical, applied and relevant learning.

As a successful boarding community , we offer our students an opportunity to develop a sense of confidence, independence, tolerance , friendship and respect for others. The pastoral care tenders our children ways to grow as a community and individuals. Precisely, the school offers something for all students to find success in.

Nestled in verdant and tranquil surroundings, the institution envisions the nature and scope of learning experiences at school as ennoblement with which generations ahead can successfully navigate the  complexities of life, and in doing so lead richer and meaningful lives. In the honour of the Creator, the overarching principle that governs Goenkans  is the consciousness of their responsibility  within creation and their obligation with regard to nature and environment in an attempt to substantiate God’s loving plan.



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