Affiliated To CBSE, Delhi upto Xth level ( CBSE Affiliation No. 330683, School Code 65678 )

S. S. International Public School (SSIPS) is one of the foremost secondary schools of India that brings forth innovative teaching and learning methodologies in the school education system. Strictly following CBSE School’s curriculum, SSIPS is a renowned 10th education provider with branches spread all across the country. Among so many schools in India, SSIPS is a preferred choice for most learned and educated parents. After checking so many Primary Schools and Secondary Schools, they find SSIPS as the best place where their wards can be enriched with knowledge and can head towards a successful life.

School education lays the foundation of a person’s career and the whole life thereby. Keeping this fact in mind, SSIPS has formulated the best 10th curriculum following CBSE pattern of education. Learned and dedicated teaching professionals devote their time in the overall development and progress of the students. Establishing itself as one of the finest Secondary Schools of the country, SSIPS strives to impart best education that is intended to give all students a successful life in the long run.



“We, the social engineers can change the shape of your wards as per your dreamed expectation." The scholars are the mirror of our excellence culture. Indian Central School, Gaya, provides its students safe, nurturing environment where faculty and staff ‘’ go the extra mile’’ to meet their needs.


Apart from inspiring students to achieve best possible academic results they are encouraged to acquire habits of curiosity mental flexibility, self-dicipline and maintain openness of mind, dignity of conduct and mutual respect in the background of social, cultural and linguistic diversity Education is to be enjoyed and imbibed for life and is the best route to improve the world in which we live.

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